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For over 100 years, Physicians from Pattarumadom family have practiced Ayurvedic treatmentsfor various chronic diseases. In 1961 it was institutionalized as Pattarumadom Clinic firmly grounded in strict Ayurvedic discipline.
Our founder and guiding spirit, the late KV IttyachanVaidyan belonging to 3rd generation was a well acknowledged Physician of repute and he, inspired by the public acclaim, established and developed the Clinic as a Centre of specialized treatments for Rheumatic disorders. The name Pattarumadom thus became synonymous with the treatment for Rheumatic ailments in Kerala.
Pattarumadom emerged as an authentic and promising treatment Centre, under the stewardship of his son VaidyavachaspathiLate Dr KI Varghese DAM (Integrated), an eminent Physician who started his career in 1960. The tradition continues without fail under his son DrShaji Varghese BAMS since 1989. The 8th Physician belonging to 6th generation of the family DrSumiShaji BAMS, MD (Ay) joined the Centre in 2017 to dedicate herself in the healing art of Ayurveda. This generations old treatment Centre enjoys the goodwill and credibility of the 100 year oldPattarumadom way of Ayurvedic treatments.

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